A Little Video to Brighten anyones day :-)

I’ve been dying to get a video of both of the girls laughing for quite a while now! Well mission accomplished!!! So here is a video of Lily and Erin giggling 🙂




In preperation for Easter Matt and I decided to take a trip over to the University Mall and get the girls picture taken with the Easter bunny! For Christmas we had brought them over for pictures with Santa so it seemed like a fun tradition to keep going. For their Santa photo both of the girls decided to stone face the picture, I was hoping they would show off their adorable smiles but they were just not impressed enough I guess haha. I was just realieved that they didn’t cry when we put them on Santa’s lap. And even though they didn’t smile they were still adorable as always and it was a fun experience. So based on this we decided to go for the Easter bunny. I got the girls all dressed up in their Easter dresses, which was risky because I am planning on them wearing them this weekend for Easter. Luckily no messes were made and the dresses made it through the day! So anyway, I got them dressed up, brushed their hair, made sure they were fed and had naps. When we got there the line was nice and short so we spent some time getting the girls smiling and giggling. Then we introduced them to the Easter bunny and put them on his lap. No crying!! However, once again, despite all of my efforts they just stone faced it!! Although at one point they did start looking up at him which was super adorable! The woman kept trying to get a picture of both of them looking up and touching his face, but they were too smart for us. Erin would touch his face while Lily looked at us, and then they would switch until we gave up and accepted that they would just not perform for us haha. Either way the picture still came out adorable and even cuter since it matches their Santa one exactly. I love it because it captures their easy going personality perfectly! So here are a couple of pictures of them dressed up and their picture with the Easter bunny! I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂

108_7497LilyErineaster bunny

Erin’s Photobook :-)

A few weeks ago I decided to make another photo book on shutterfly for the girls. I’ve been taking so many pictures of them since they were born (for obvious reasons 🙂  ) that I decided right away that I wanted to try some creative ways of using these pictures so that they didn’t just sit on my computer or in dozens of photo albums. So with this in mind I was able to find a nifty little site called Shutterfly that has worked out great! The first time I used this site I created one photobook Lily and another for Erin that was based on their birth through 3 months. What I love about shutterfly is that it is basically a fancy little scrapbook that allows me to completely customize each page with as many pictures and as much text as I want. I can add stickers and use frames and different backgrounds. And the books are shipped relatively quickly and extremely well made. So anyway, I highly recommend that anyone who is thinking about doing some kind of photobook check them out! For these photobooks I am using months 4 through 9. I am currently working on finishing Lily’s but if anyone wants to take a look at Erin’s the link is below 🙂  And for anyone who is coming to their birthday party you will also get the chance to see the hard copies of these books as I will be using them as part of the decorations 🙂  So with that said feel free to take a look and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂