Crafts/Birthday presents for Matt :-)

Yesterday was Matt’s birthday so I decided to get crafty with the girls and “help” them make some presents for him. I got my inspirations for the presents from a few different things I saw on pinterest and facebook. I really wanted to create some little things that would show Matt how much the girls love him even though they can’t quite say it yet. So I started with the card.


The top part is a poem I found online that I thought fit perfectly because believe it or not raising twins can be stressful and exhausting at some points, but it is also one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences in the world. It says,

“My footprint is small but getting bigger everyday, I am learning how to be big by watching you work, love and play, Remember when your days are long and you can’t walk another mile, That this little footprint makes it all worthwhile.”

And naturally I added one footprint from each of the girls 🙂

Then I just typed up a quick little note from Lily and Erin that also credited me (of course).

Now here is where the crafts got really fun. I used paint and construction paper to get Lily and Erin’s handprint (which was NOT easy). Then I cut the handprints out and used them to trace more handprints which I then cut out so that I had some cute little hands to work with. Using a handprint from each of the girls I created a little craft to show their daddy just how much he means to them.


First I took a long strip of blue construction paper that I pre-cut and folded it several even times so that I had 11 rectangles to write on. Then I wrote “We love you…” on one hand, and “This much” on the rectangles. After which I glued the hand to a blank sections at each end. On the second handprint I wrote “Love, Lily & Erin” and finished by gluing that handprint to the end of the blue strip.

The last craft I did was based on something I saw online but with my own twist added.


I used the girls handprints to trace their hands onto construction paper in the shapes of hearts over their feet. Then I wrote “From the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our toes, We love you!”

The final step was wait and surprise the birthday man 🙂 And I am happy to report that he loved his birthday presents!  And I had a blast making them, so it was a win win 🙂


One thought on “Crafts/Birthday presents for Matt :-)”

  1. So cute! We did the hands with the “I love you this much” for Brad’s birthday as well and ordered magnets from Shutterfly of her for his tool box.
    I totally need to up my crafting with her. They grow so fast, you and Matt will be so glad you have these little items to remember their small prints.

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