Erin’s Photobook :-)

A few weeks ago I decided to make another photo book on shutterfly for the girls. I’ve been taking so many pictures of them since they were born (for obvious reasons 🙂  ) that I decided right away that I wanted to try some creative ways of using these pictures so that they didn’t just sit on my computer or in dozens of photo albums. So with this in mind I was able to find a nifty little site called Shutterfly that has worked out great! The first time I used this site I created one photobook Lily and another for Erin that was based on their birth through 3 months. What I love about shutterfly is that it is basically a fancy little scrapbook that allows me to completely customize each page with as many pictures and as much text as I want. I can add stickers and use frames and different backgrounds. And the books are shipped relatively quickly and extremely well made. So anyway, I highly recommend that anyone who is thinking about doing some kind of photobook check them out! For these photobooks I am using months 4 through 9. I am currently working on finishing Lily’s but if anyone wants to take a look at Erin’s the link is below 🙂  And for anyone who is coming to their birthday party you will also get the chance to see the hard copies of these books as I will be using them as part of the decorations 🙂  So with that said feel free to take a look and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂


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