Happy Easter!

For Easter we took the girls to New York to visit their Grandma, Great Grandma and Aunts 🙂 It was a fun and quite eventful trip! On Friday one of our daughters, Erin crawled forward for the first time! So we were extremely excited to bring her and show off her new skills! And show off she did! After a couple of days we discovered that the easiest way to get her to show off her crawling was to simply wait for her to see her grandma, because once she saw grandma she would immediately start crawling towards her 🙂 It was a weekend of firsts as the girls started getting Much more mobile and ate ham and mashed potatoes for the first time. They also worked on standing!! And here are some fun shots from the weekend!

108_7578 108_7631 108_7634 108_7616 108_7630 108_7610 108_7614 108_7572 108_7592 108_7609 108_7604 108_7588 108_7552 108_7553 108_7532 108_7537 108_7527


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