Good Things Come in Sneaky Ways

I don’t know how it happened, but for some reason Lily and Erin are acutely aware of what each and every vegetable looks like and point blank refuse to even try them. I swear kids are pre programmed with knowledge of healthy foods and use this knowledge to drive parents insane by avoiding them at all costs! So after months of working hard to pack brightly colored, healthy lunches and having them returned from daycare with each and every vegetable uneaten I have decided to go the sneaky route. I am still going to pack these lunches but I am now going to use a new approach so that the girls get all of the fruits and vegetables they need in one simple serving. That way when the vegetables I send are returned uneaten I can just sigh but feel no guilt, worry or frustration. My plan is simple, smoothies! What kid doesn’t love yummy fruit smoothies. I found a few different recipes that all include both fruits and vegetables in each smoothie. The tricky part for me is finding the time to make these smoothies every day. I don’t exactly have a ton of time available while getting the girls ready to cut up fruit and vegetables and blend them. Fortunately for me I found a solution at The site provided me with the idea for creating DIY smoothie bags, the exact instructions can be found here. I was so excited when I found this that I immediately made 3 bags and it only took me 15 minutes! I then ordered two thermos bottles from the site so that I can start sending smoothies for the girls to have at snack time each day. Now they will hopefully like them and get their daily servings of fruits and vegetables and I will have less of a headache about it!




A couple of years ago I got a gym membership because, well frankly I wanted to look good. Then I got pregnant and cancelled my membership because I didn’t want to risk exercising in such a high risk pregnancy, and well to be completely honest it was the perfect excuse to not work out anymore. I know it’s not healthy to just say well I’m pregnant so I can eat all I want and relax, but I sort of did that. I didn’t eat unhealthy things, I just skipped out on some of the activity stuff and indulged a bit more in my favorite desserts. After I had the girls the pregnancy weight literally just fell off, I went right back down to 140lbs within a month without even trying. It was awesome. Then I slowly started to gain weight as I got more and more stressed out (can you believe I was stressed with twins?). But again I got pregnant so instead of a gym membership I decided to do prenatal yoga. Sadly after only a few classes I went in to labor and had Jacy so I put activity on hold. Now with 3 kids I am ready to get a gym membership again! But I have to admit, my priorities have changed a bit. I want to look good and all, but what has me the most excited is the fact that the gym has a daycare center that will give me two hours of workout time and the gym has really nice showers! I can relax knowing that Jacy is well taken care of with me just a hallway away and shower in peace and quiet! No little children running around screaming, banging on the door. No fiance knocking and asking how much longer I’ll be (I don’t take that long for the record), and no going during the day with Jacy in a bouncer next to the tub because I still can’t leave her alone in a closed room in her crib with a baby monitor. She’s just so tiny! So yes my top priority in my work out endeavor is to have a place where I can shower more than, well honestly I have no idea how much I shower anymore, I mean who’s got time for that? Well now I do!! I am so excited and will be going first thing Monday to get my membership at the Sports and Fitness Edge and get my workout and shower on!!

Tearing up the Town

Jacy was born right when the girls had a two week vacation from daycare, so Matt had to basically take care of both of them while I recovered. Then he drove me back and forth to the hospital for 4 weeks, and now he gets up with the girls in the morning so I can catch a couple of extra hours of sleep, he gets them ready, takes them to daycare and picks them up. So for Valentines Day I wanted to do something to show him how much I appreciate him and how hard he is working. So I called my dad and arranged for him to babysit Lily and Erin Friday night, then I called my mom and arranged for her to baby sit Jacy for the night so we would have the whole night off and could go on a date. Then I bought a lift ticket to Sugarbush and arranged for him to spend the day with one of his best friends snowboarding. So on Valentines Day I got to surprise him and tell him that he had the whole night and day free and that we were going to have the first date night we’d had in over 2 months. My original plan was to take him somewhere fancy to eat and then to a movie. But on Friday my dad didn’t get the girls until 6:30pm and the only movie times were 7:30 or 9:20. This is where our parenting came in to play because we both realized that there was no way that we wanted to go to a two hour movie at 9:20 on the one night we had to sleep. So we decided to skip dinner and go see the Lego Movie. Yep, on our kid free night we went to see a kids movie. And you know what, it was awesome! The movie was so funny and we had such a good time. Then we drove over to Wings Over and got some chicken wings and waffle fries and ate dinner at home. The next day Matt went snowboarding and had some girl friends over. I of course made the mistake of asking what one of them did for Valentines Day and she went on to tell me how they had a snow day too so she lounged around with her boyfriend, then cooked a big fancy meal and wore some sexy new lingerie…so I guess when you don’t have 3 kids your Valentines Day looks a little different, who knew. I felt bad for a second but then I realized that even though we may not have tore up the town in a traditional ‘in your early twenties’ sort of way, we still had a lot of fun and I loved spending time with him. And to his credit he was very excited and grateful for his Valentines Day surprise 🙂

A Little Bit of Reassessing

I started blogging again because I figured that being home with only one baby would leave me with so much free time I would be out of my mind. 4 weeks in I realize how ridiculous and vague the concept of free time is. Even as I write this I have a newborn on my chest, a sick fiance and am crossing my fingers that the twins don’t wake up again. So I guess what I am realizing more and more in my life is that I need to stop shooting for huge goals and maybe focus on smaller more realistic ones. For example, today I could’ve really used some perspective on my limits and capabilities. Normally Sundays are our grocery shopping days. We load up all 3 kids and brave the store for what usually takes about an hour to get a weeks worth of groceries. Since we had a four day weekend Sunday fell on day 3, so I was just too tired and Matt wasn’t feeling good so we said we would just go on Monday. Well Monday was day 4 of the long weekend, so I don’t know what the hell we were thinking with that plan, because go figure Monday came and we were even more exhausted and even more unwilling to make the trip. But we were getting pretty low on food and two overtired parents slowly becoming two hungry parents wasn’t working for us. So I said that I would go grocery shopping today with Jacy while Matt was at work and the girls were at daycare. I figured it would be a piece of cake. I could just take the front pack and leisurely stroll the aisles finding bargains and enjoying myself. It would be heaven to actually take my time rather than haphazardly throwing the first thing I find in my cart and rapidly firing through our list before the meltdowns begin. You know, shopping with kids. So since I was so excited about grocery shopping I though, oh hey, the girls need some clothes so why don’t I go to Once Upon a Child while I’m out since they are having a huge sale! I love this store because lets face it, with 3 kids I need to get bargains and gently used clothes really don’t bother me since I know the girls are going to destroy them anyway. So anyway, I spent a little while thinking of my plan for the day. It would start with me dropping the girls off at daycare with Matt, then dropping him off at work, then heading back home to feed Jacy and sit for a little while. I got back home around 9:30am and fed Jacy so she would hopefully be all set for 3 hours. Then grabbed some checks I had to deposit at the bank and headed out. I stopped at the bank and made it halfway to Once Upon a Child before I realized, oh shit, totally forgot the front pack. So with no front pack or stroller I knew I was going to have to figure out how to fit the carseat in one of the small shopping carts at Once Upon a Child. Once I got inside it wasn’t a problem, we went down a couple of aisles and all was well for the first 5 minutes. Then Jacy starts getting upset and after a few minutes I realize, oh crap she’s hungry. I have only breastfed in public twice at this point, once at my OBGYN’s office and once at a friends house. So I was a bit nervous but I wasn’t about to not feed her. Luckily the aisle was deserted so I quickly got her on and covered her up. Then I said, well I’m not going to just stand here awkwardly so I walked down the aisle and continued shopping. Luckily Jacy is pretty small and doesn’t wiggle to much so multitasking was easy. Then of course not even two minutes in a woman starts down the aisle, sees me, glares and turns around and storms off. Now I’m feeling uncomfortable and awkward. Then after a couple of minutes of being embarrassed I get pissed. I mean seriously, Magazine covers show more boobs, especially since I was literally completely covered so you weren’t seeing any boob. And frankly if your comfortable looking at women in bathing suits and seeing breasts in a sexual nature, then seeing them doing what they are actually made to do, you know feeding a baby should be no big deal. I’m not saying stare or congratulate me, just don’t make me feel like I’m doing something wrong when the fact is my child is hungry and I am feeding her. If anything, glare at me if I choose to ignore her cries and just keep shopping, because then I am doing something wrong. But anyway, luckily that was the only bit of trouble I had there, but then Jacy finished up and I started to burp her. Now since the shopping carts are so small I left the diaper bag out in the car. Well of course Jacy spits up all over me! And of course I don’t have any other shirts for me and no burp cloth for her. So I got to spend a few minutes cleaning myself and Jacy up with a receiving blanket and then I hear her grunt and make a massive mess in her diaper… At this point I am literally laughing out loud and probably making customers think I’m crazy, but it was just so funny. I mean I was having a complete and total amateur hour, which you would think would be fine if it was my first rodeo, but I had twins, I mean I’m supposed to at least sort of have this baby thing down. Sadly I think having twins made a bit too confident and when I had just one, I was like oh this will be a piece of cake by comparison, well singleton moms out there, I am so incredibly sorry for ever thinking that. Because at the crux of it, parenting, whether it’s one baby or 3 is just plain hard. So then I finish up shopping and head to the grocery store. There I start shopping and realize, holy shit, what was I thinking going by myself. I completely fill the cart and am struggling to push it with the car seat on the front because it is so heavy. Then I get to the checkout and theres 4 people in front of me while Jacy starts crying. Luckily the line next to me opens up and everyone notices Jacy so they let me go first (thank you baby tantrums!), unluckily Jacy is still upset so I am forced to hold her pacifier and gently rock her seat while loading up the conveyer belt. Then when she finally calms down and takes the pacifier on her own I have to rush to catch up on bagging the groceries. Then I have to make it out to the car and load up. By this point I realize that I am shit out of luck because not only is Jacy still hungry but I am going to have to get home and somehow get her inside, feed her, get the groceries in and put them away before our two cats get into them. So I cave and realize theres no way I can do all of this on my own. I call Matt and he says I can come and pick him up at work and he can spend 30 minutes or so helping me get everything done so that I can feed Jacy. Well he was a lifesaver as usual. We got home I went inside and fed Jacy while he brought all of the groceries in and put the away! Words cannot possibly describe how much I love this man. So the point of this whole disaster story is that I have started to learn a valuable lesson which is to slow down and learn your limits! Make small easily achievable goals so that you can work your way up and feel happy and confident rather than over stretching yourself and feeling exhausted and stressed! Now I’ve just got to start actively practicing this lesson!

The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly

I love snow days! Sledding, making snowmen, snowball fights…oh wait that was ten years ago. Ok, I love snow days! Cozying up next to my favorite guy 🙂 Staying in pjs until noon, going outside to walk on Church street and maybe enjoy some delicious tea at Dobra, drinking hot chocolate and just indulging in doing absolutely nothing and anything I want…oh wait that is also long past. Snow days now consist of waking up at 6:30am and crossing my fingers tightly as I watch my cell phone, minutes ticking by that feel like an eternity before the dreaded phone call that confirms my fears, daycare is closed and so begins a 4 day weekend! Shit… I mean great, extra time with our beautiful daughters…but also, shit. That means 4 days to try and stay sane while two toddlers tear up the house, throw tantrums, don’t want to leave our side for more than about 5 minutes and point blank refuse to do any kind of structured activity! Our girls are adorable, they can be very well behaved, take pretty good naps and are sometimes so silly and goofy that it’s all I can do not to burst from the love I feel for them, but they are also two toddlers added to one newborn with two overtired, haven’t showered in god knows how long parents. So the prospect of 4 days stuck in our home is a bit daunting. Luckily Matt also got a snow day and President’s day off so the ratio isn’t apocalyptic, just a bit scary. Even more luckily, my dad watched Lily and Erin Friday night and most of Saturday. Unfortunately Friday we were completely snowed in and didn’t leave the house at all, which made for a whole bunch of stir crazy people. At one point I made the big mistake of trying to have some arts and crafts time with the girls while Jacy was sleeping. I figured since we have hardwood floors that if I just stripped the girls down to their diapers and let them paint on some paper it would keep the distracted for at least an hour. The second I put the paint down they both grabbed their brushed and started painting, it was so cute and I was like, yes, I have succeeded, they are going to do this for a while, I can clean up and I will be so happy knowing I was able to fill their time stuck inside with something constructive and creative. Well approximately 2 seconds after having that thought they started painting themselves. I was like, well thats ok, we’ll just do baths after. Then they started painting each other, which inevitably led to several tantrums and them screaming at one another. Then they started painting the floor, me and shoving the paint in their mouths. This all happened in under 5 minutes! Then Erin decided she had enough and started screaming to be picked up, of course I had completely forgotten to change into grungy clothes because I assumed they would just paint the paper and then calmly clean up. What a rookie mistake. So now my last good, unstained pair of pants are decorated with, well I have to say some pretty darn cute fingerprints. So I manage to get Erin up and of course Lily runs off, leaving bright red footprints with every step. I get them both to the tub and put them in. Now let me tell you, these girls are water babies, they always have been. They LOVE bath time, we normally can’t get them out. I put them in tub this time however and they both immediately start throwing a fit!! Covered in paint, slapping the now covered in paint walls and then Jacy wakes up…So Matt goes out to get Jacy leaving me to try and clean up two very defiant and unhappy toddlers. 30 minutes, 30 minutes is how long all of this took, I guess that will teach me to be confident and think I’m in control. Because again, let me tell you, in my brief time as a parent I have learned one big lesson, and that is that the second you think you know what your doing, you get a swift and often violent reminder that you haven’t got a clue. But then again, I suppose that’s half the fun 🙂 Because though this was one hell of a 30 minutes, I have to admit I didn’t wash the tub right away because those handprints on the wall and that one little footprint left on the tub floor were just too precious 🙂