2014 Resolution?

So last year my blog more often resolution didn’t go so well, but there are a couple of songs out there that say if at first you don’t succeed then try again. So with that in mind here’s to another New Year resolution to blog more.

Last year was a bit of a whirlwind! Once the girls started walking and talking a bit everything seemed to suddenly speed up! Before we knew it they were running and climbing and responding to directions and had basically become somewhat able to communicate and completely mischievous. They have developed a deep rooted desire to constantly and consistently get in to every single thing in sight and reach and honestly if it’s not in reach they figure out a way to make it in reach. With the mischief has come the joy of watching how smart and strong they have become as well as how distinct and clear their individual personalities are.  2013 was pretty much the year for big changes as Matt and I became engaged and then found out we were expecting another baby due February 22nd,  2014! We were so excited when we found out and decided that the final big change for 2013 would be moving in to a 3 bedroom house! Of course when you have kids you should probably know better than to try and decide that there would be no more big changes or unexpected surprises because sure enough there was one more! The biggest surprise of the year came with the birth of our newest daughter Jacy two days before Christmas, nearly 9 weeks before her due date.  So now I am staying home with Jacy until another semester of school starts in August.  I am hoping to blog at least once a week about little updates, things I may have found that are helping make our lives a bit more organized and really just what my life is like now that I have 3 unique and incredible daughters 🙂 I will probably also include some party planning along with some wedding planning!!! Until then, that’s my 2014 resolution 🙂


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