Our New Sundays!

For over a year now our 21 month old twins have gone to daycare 5 days a week. Each day we have woken up late and rushed around them trying to get their lunches and our lunches ready for the day while they eat breakfast. Each week I have said we need a better plan, we need to start planning meals for the week and grocery shopping on Sunday, then making said meals so that each morning we can just grab a lunch box out of the refrigerator and go. The problem with this idea and really the main reason it just hasn’t been happening is that to do it requires sitting down, going through cook books, looking up recipes and coming up with dinners and lunches for the week. Then writing down a shopping list and proceeding to grocery shop. Then coming home making dinner, putting the girls to bed and proceeding to immediately spend hours putting meals together. After a long week of working, classes, and taking care of the girls the last thing I want to do on a Sunday morning is wake up early and meal plan, let alone finally get the girls to bed and start cooking. Usually I want to flop on the couch and not move for at least an hour before dragging myself to bed and immediately passing out. With a new baby on the way though I knew that our routine was going to have to change. We have no more excuses and certainly no time to continue being disoriented when we have 3 children. The question remained though of how on earth was I going to get motivated enough to accomplish this feat.

Fortunately I found my answer in a site called Momables. Some time last year I had been online and bought these fantastic lunch boxes that fit easily into a cooler and stacked neatly in the refrigerator. I got them here, and while I had meant to spend some more time checking out the site I didn’t get a chance to, that is until a few weeks ago. When I had some spare time I went back to the Momables site. There I found that for $6/month I could sign up to have a weekly menu sent directly to me through my e-mail. I was a bit skeptical about paying for this service so I signed up to receive a free one week trial to see if it would really be worth the money or save me any time. It turned out to be worth far more than $6! You can see the menu here. What I love most about this menu is that it provides pictures that allow me to see how the meals are supposed. I also love that it shows the meals packed with snacks so I can have some snack ideas as I sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas to add variety to the girls meals. With this new service I can now focus on planning dinners and adding to the shopping list already started for me by momables! With more than half of my work done for me and the additional motivation of knowing I am paying for the service I have found that each week I am finally able to follow though and make the girls lunches. Our new routine is spending Sunday mornings playing and planning dinners then going to the grocery store. After the girls go to bed I start prepping, cooking and putting together lunches for the week as well as snacks. It takes me about 2-3 hours but it saves so much time and frustration throughout the week and it allows me enough time to ensure that the girls have creative meals and snacks rather than just me getting into the habit of grabbing the easiest things to give them. I highly suggest that any busy moms out there give this a try because it has really worked for us!



4 thoughts on “Our New Sundays!”

  1. How is this going? Even though Rem doesn’t go to daycare I know some days would be easier if her lunch was already planned out, especially for the whole week. If i spent the evening preping her lunches i could get dinners prepped and out of the way as well for the week. With another one on the way, if everything was prepped for a whole week life should be easier…

    1. It’s going really well! It’s keeping me motivated to actually spend a few hours each Sunday getting things ready and that saves a ton of time during the week! It’s so much easier just pulling a lunch box out of the fridge and having it all set.

  2. I think i’m going to give it a try for dinners. By the end of the night the last thing any of us want to do is make dinner, so if its all prepped and just throw it in whatever to cook/heat it, I think everyone will be happier to be eating earlier than 7. Do you know if the site happened to have dinners too or just lunches for kids?

    1. The site has a recipe index that has a bunch of ideas for dinners, but the menu planning is only for lunches. I’ll look around though because I would love to have some extra tips for planning dinners in advance too. It would be so much easier for when the girls get home to just have something ready to go.

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