The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly

I love snow days! Sledding, making snowmen, snowball fights…oh wait that was ten years ago. Ok, I love snow days! Cozying up next to my favorite guy 🙂 Staying in pjs until noon, going outside to walk on Church street and maybe enjoy some delicious tea at Dobra, drinking hot chocolate and just indulging in doing absolutely nothing and anything I want…oh wait that is also long past. Snow days now consist of waking up at 6:30am and crossing my fingers tightly as I watch my cell phone, minutes ticking by that feel like an eternity before the dreaded phone call that confirms my fears, daycare is closed and so begins a 4 day weekend! Shit… I mean great, extra time with our beautiful daughters…but also, shit. That means 4 days to try and stay sane while two toddlers tear up the house, throw tantrums, don’t want to leave our side for more than about 5 minutes and point blank refuse to do any kind of structured activity! Our girls are adorable, they can be very well behaved, take pretty good naps and are sometimes so silly and goofy that it’s all I can do not to burst from the love I feel for them, but they are also two toddlers added to one newborn with two overtired, haven’t showered in god knows how long parents. So the prospect of 4 days stuck in our home is a bit daunting. Luckily Matt also got a snow day and President’s day off so the ratio isn’t apocalyptic, just a bit scary. Even more luckily, my dad watched Lily and Erin Friday night and most of Saturday. Unfortunately Friday we were completely snowed in and didn’t leave the house at all, which made for a whole bunch of stir crazy people. At one point I made the big mistake of trying to have some arts and crafts time with the girls while Jacy was sleeping. I figured since we have hardwood floors that if I just stripped the girls down to their diapers and let them paint on some paper it would keep the distracted for at least an hour. The second I put the paint down they both grabbed their brushed and started painting, it was so cute and I was like, yes, I have succeeded, they are going to do this for a while, I can clean up and I will be so happy knowing I was able to fill their time stuck inside with something constructive and creative. Well approximately 2 seconds after having that thought they started painting themselves. I was like, well thats ok, we’ll just do baths after. Then they started painting each other, which inevitably led to several tantrums and them screaming at one another. Then they started painting the floor, me and shoving the paint in their mouths. This all happened in under 5 minutes! Then Erin decided she had enough and started screaming to be picked up, of course I had completely forgotten to change into grungy clothes because I assumed they would just paint the paper and then calmly clean up. What a rookie mistake. So now my last good, unstained pair of pants are decorated with, well I have to say some pretty darn cute fingerprints. So I manage to get Erin up and of course Lily runs off, leaving bright red footprints with every step. I get them both to the tub and put them in. Now let me tell you, these girls are water babies, they always have been. They LOVE bath time, we normally can’t get them out. I put them in tub this time however and they both immediately start throwing a fit!! Covered in paint, slapping the now covered in paint walls and then Jacy wakes up…So Matt goes out to get Jacy leaving me to try and clean up two very defiant and unhappy toddlers. 30 minutes, 30 minutes is how long all of this took, I guess that will teach me to be confident and think I’m in control. Because again, let me tell you, in my brief time as a parent I have learned one big lesson, and that is that the second you think you know what your doing, you get a swift and often violent reminder that you haven’t got a clue. But then again, I suppose that’s half the fun 🙂 Because though this was one hell of a 30 minutes, I have to admit I didn’t wash the tub right away because those handprints on the wall and that one little footprint left on the tub floor were just too precious 🙂



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