Tearing up the Town

Jacy was born right when the girls had a two week vacation from daycare, so Matt had to basically take care of both of them while I recovered. Then he drove me back and forth to the hospital for 4 weeks, and now he gets up with the girls in the morning so I can catch a couple of extra hours of sleep, he gets them ready, takes them to daycare and picks them up. So for Valentines Day I wanted to do something to show him how much I appreciate him and how hard he is working. So I called my dad and arranged for him to babysit Lily and Erin Friday night, then I called my mom and arranged for her to baby sit Jacy for the night so we would have the whole night off and could go on a date. Then I bought a lift ticket to Sugarbush and arranged for him to spend the day with one of his best friends snowboarding. So on Valentines Day I got to surprise him and tell him that he had the whole night and day free and that we were going to have the first date night we’d had in over 2 months. My original plan was to take him somewhere fancy to eat and then to a movie. But on Friday my dad didn’t get the girls until 6:30pm and the only movie times were 7:30 or 9:20. This is where our parenting came in to play because we both realized that there was no way that we wanted to go to a two hour movie at 9:20 on the one night we had to sleep. So we decided to skip dinner and go see the Lego Movie. Yep, on our kid free night we went to see a kids movie. And you know what, it was awesome! The movie was so funny and we had such a good time. Then we drove over to Wings Over and got some chicken wings and waffle fries and ate dinner at home. The next day Matt went snowboarding and had some girl friends over. I of course made the mistake of asking what one of them did for Valentines Day and she went on to tell me how they had a snow day too so she lounged around with her boyfriend, then cooked a big fancy meal and wore some sexy new lingerie…so I guess when you don’t have 3 kids your Valentines Day looks a little different, who knew. I felt bad for a second but then I realized that even though we may not have tore up the town in a traditional ‘in your early twenties’ sort of way, we still had a lot of fun and I loved spending time with him. And to his credit he was very excited and grateful for his Valentines Day surprise 🙂


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