A couple of years ago I got a gym membership because, well frankly I wanted to look good. Then I got pregnant and cancelled my membership because I didn’t want to risk exercising in such a high risk pregnancy, and well to be completely honest it was the perfect excuse to not work out anymore. I know it’s not healthy to just say well I’m pregnant so I can eat all I want and relax, but I sort of did that. I didn’t eat unhealthy things, I just skipped out on some of the activity stuff and indulged a bit more in my favorite desserts. After I had the girls the pregnancy weight literally just fell off, I went right back down to 140lbs within a month without even trying. It was awesome. Then I slowly started to gain weight as I got more and more stressed out (can you believe I was stressed with twins?). But again I got pregnant so instead of a gym membership I decided to do prenatal yoga. Sadly after only a few classes I went in to labor and had Jacy so I put activity on hold. Now with 3 kids I am ready to get a gym membership again! But I have to admit, my priorities have changed a bit. I want to look good and all, but what has me the most excited is the fact that the gym has a daycare center that will give me two hours of workout time and the gym has really nice showers! I can relax knowing that Jacy is well taken care of with me just a hallway away and shower in peace and quiet! No little children running around screaming, banging on the door. No fiance knocking and asking how much longer I’ll be (I don’t take that long for the record), and no going during the day with Jacy in a bouncer next to the tub because I still can’t leave her alone in a closed room in her crib with a baby monitor. She’s just so tiny! So yes my top priority in my work out endeavor is to have a place where I can shower more than, well honestly I have no idea how much I shower anymore, I mean who’s got time for that? Well now I do!! I am so excited and will be going first thing Monday to get my membership at the Sports and Fitness Edge and get my workout and shower on!!


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