Good Things Come in Sneaky Ways

I don’t know how it happened, but for some reason Lily and Erin are acutely aware of what each and every vegetable looks like and point blank refuse to even try them. I swear kids are pre programmed with knowledge of healthy foods and use this knowledge to drive parents insane by avoiding them at all costs! So after months of working hard to pack brightly colored, healthy lunches and having them returned from daycare with each and every vegetable uneaten I have decided to go the sneaky route. I am still going to pack these lunches but I am now going to use a new approach so that the girls get all of the fruits and vegetables they need in one simple serving. That way when the vegetables I send are returned uneaten I can just sigh but feel no guilt, worry or frustration. My plan is simple, smoothies! What kid doesn’t love yummy fruit smoothies. I found a few different recipes that all include both fruits and vegetables in each smoothie. The tricky part for me is finding the time to make these smoothies every day. I don’t exactly have a ton of time available while getting the girls ready to cut up fruit and vegetables and blend them. Fortunately for me I found a solution at The site provided me with the idea for creating DIY smoothie bags, the exact instructions can be found here. I was so excited when I found this that I immediately made 3 bags and it only took me 15 minutes! I then ordered two thermos bottles from the site so that I can start sending smoothies for the girls to have at snack time each day. Now they will hopefully like them and get their daily servings of fruits and vegetables and I will have less of a headache about it!



One thought on “Good Things Come in Sneaky Ways”

  1. I totally want to try this because Rem’s been pretty picky lately…. I’m hoping if I make something we both enjoy with fruits and veggies it’ll help us each get our daily requirements…. maybe I’ll get the ambition and search for some good ones! (i’m pretty picky myself.. this could be hard)

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