Making Memories: ‘Day you were born box’

I generally like crafting, but when it comes to my daughters and making little keepsakes I have to say I LOVE crafting! I love making anything and everything to capture precious moments and create memories that they can look back on in the future. For example, each one of my daughters has a total of 3 baby books…I might go a little overboard as they also each have a special first year calendar that I have written what we did each day in for their entire first 12 months, a storage bin of my favorite outfits and keepsakes, a ‘day you were born box’, scrap books, photo albums, shadow boxes and notebooks that I try to write in once a month. Ok, I definitely go overboard. It’s probably because I grew up in a pretty chaotic household and I don’t really talk to my mom anymore. So when it comes to my childhood, I don’t really know much except for the things I can remember. I have two scrapbooks with some pictures in them, and that’s really all I’ve seen. So when it comes to my daughters I think I tend to try and over compensate for what I have been lacking in my life. But all of that aside, I really also just enjoy doing these things. It’s fun to create the shadowboxes and fill in the baby books.It gives me time to sit down and reflect on how lucky I am and how wonderful and unique each one of my daughters is. Sometimes in the chaos of having 3 children I don’t exactly have a lot of time to do that. Especially with twins, it’s so easy to lump them together and forget to remember and cherish the fact that they are individuals who have very distinct and unique personalities. So my latest craft project is something that I did for Lily and Erin and am now working on for Jacy. It’s called a ‘Day you were born box’. And basically it is a box containing smaller boxes that contain various items from the day Jacy was born, or rather the first couple of weeks. What I usually do is go to a craft store, typically Michaels and buy a larger cute box. This is the box I bought for Erin.


Then I buy a few smaller boxes, all in various sizes to fit in the box. Once I have those smaller boxes I decided what items to put in each one and then decorate the outside of the boxes. I mostly use stickers, some pictures and I went online to find some fun facts about their birthday, horoscope, name meaning and printed those out to also put on the boxes. My favorite part is the map showing where they were born. I put all of these inside along with a receiving blanket from the hospital and one of their first diapers and then it is all set. The best part is they fit nice and neatly in the girls closet so I can store them safely until they are older and can hopefully appreciate them 🙂

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