And so a Sugar free journey begins

Last week I came across an article about a family who went completely sugar free for an entire year. At first I was like, that’s insane, who could possibly do that/ who would want to do that/ how the heck do you do that. So I read the article because I was a bit curious and wanted to see if it worked for them and how it affected them. Well it turns out it completely impacted this family in a very positive way by boosting their energy, improving their moods and making them feel healthier. I thought about it and realized that it does make sense that there would be a correlation between the increase in sugars and additives and the increase in mood disorders and health issues that people face. As someone who has been struggling with mood disorders, weight control, and overall feelings of lethargy and decreased motivation I’ve been wanting to get healthy for a long time. Not just by getting active but also by changing my eating habits. Whenever I’ve tried though, I’ve felt stuck in the what do I do to improve my eating habits phase. I mean there is so much contradicting information out there on what you should limit or cut out, whether it’s sugar, carbs, fats, trans fats, saturated fats, processed foods ect. So when it came down to it I just got overwhelmed and while I did try to improve our eating habits, I must admit I primarily focused on the girls first. I make sure they eat plenty or dairy, fruits, vegetables, whole grains. When it comes to their diets I shop only organic and try to get the healthiest food. When it comes to us however, I usually just go with the, whats cheap, whats easy, whats quick and of course the what am I in the mood for. I am ridiculously guilty of indulging in almost every craving I have. I have tried many times to improve our diet, but it’s been hard to make things stick. I try to make little changes but they always seem to wear off after a week or two. So I decided after looking more into this whole no sugar thing that it was time to do something drastic to kick our butts into gear. I want to embark on a 1-2 month no sugar adventure and see if it helps or has any affect on us. It’s sort of an experiment that will hopefully lead to a healthier, fuller, happier life. Tomorrow begins day 1 of our sugar free diet and I must admit I’m a bit nervous since with 3 kids we tend to be pretty busy so it will be interesting to see how we can adjust our meal planning. If your interested in seeing which meals we end up making and sites I end up finding to help aid in our sugar free adventure you can check out my Pinterest where I have a new board titled ‘Sugar Free Adventure’.


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