“You are the poem I dreamed of writing
the masterpiece I longed to paint
you are the shining star I reached for 
in my ever hopeful quest for life fullfilled. 
You are my children. Now with all things I am blessed”


On May 9th my life was changed forever when we welcomed two beautiful daughters into the world! I was lucky enough to find the truest of love and the brightest of joys in our beautiful children. A year later I became engaged to the love of my life and began the exciting journey of planning our wedding.


One month after that we discovered that we were carrying another precious blessing who would arrive just in time for Valentines Day! Our perfect little bundle of joy had other ideas in mind though  and decided  to come on December 23rd! After a long month in the NICU she came home healthy and happy and completed our family! 


I am now enjoying some time being a SAHM with Jacy while my beautiful twins are in daycare until the Fall when I go back to Champlain to continue working towards my Bachelors degree in Psychology. This blog will be about my day to day life as I adjust to being a SAHM and then again as a working, full time student mom as well as some updates and thoughts on wedding and birthday planning along with any tips and tricks I come across that happen to make our lives a bit easier!

 I hope you enjoy our story and can be inspired or just cheered by what you read on here! Thanks for stopping by!




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The Fun; Frantic and Fantastic Life of an Unbelievably Blessed Mom of Three!

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